Yoga On Up: Yoga for Every Body

squarelogo (1)Welcome to Yoga on Up. My name is Sue Pearson and I’ve been practising yoga for many years. I qualified as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel Of Yoga (BWY) in February 2019; a 14 month course leading to the Level 4 Certificate in Teaching Yoga (RQF).

I came to yoga the long way round.  In my 20s and 30s I bounced around all sorts of classes, settling for 6 weeks or more, and then drifting away as I got overtaken by life’s events.  Although I enjoyed the classes, nothing really stuck.  I found a regular class in my 40s and attended for years.  It made such a difference to my own flexibility and sense of well-being, helping me to sleep better and deal with anxieties at work, that I decided to train with the BWY.

People who attend my classes tell me I am calm and supportive, even if I do make bad jokes.  We like to laugh in class, rather than taking ourselves too seriously.  Although I do refer to the Sanskrit name of a yoga posture, the language I use in class is clear and straightforward.  I firmly believe that yoga is for everyone, regardless of shape, size or current flexibility, and hope that my classes enable everyone to experience the joy of yoga.  Lycra is optional.  

As a BWY teacher, we are expected to continue with our professional development, pursuing avenues that are of particular interest.  I have made breathing, meditation and relaxation my main area of focus, and this is reflected in the courses I offer each term: a 6 week block of Hatha yoga and a Retreat Morning around a given theme.   

As my yoga teaching has grown, in addition to my termly courses, I have had the privilege to work with students at Grimsby Institute as part of that college’s focus on student wellbeing, run sessions for the MacMillan Nurse team for people living with cancer who are seeking to build confidence and learn relaxation techniques, and visit many Women’s Institute meetings to deliver demonstrations of chair yoga and talk about the benefits that can bring.

What my students say:

‘I thought I’d try yoga because I had some back and hip pain.  I wasn’t sure I’d like it, or be able to do it.  It took a few sessions, but now I love it.  My flexibility has increased immensely.  I like the challenge of the main posture’ – Tracey.

‘I thought I’d try yoga because I had a stiff hip, and for my general well-being.  I feel that both have improved.  In class, we don’t feel silly if we make a mistake.  I never feel judged.  The best bit is the guided relaxation at the end, where I feel I have space for myself ‘ – Michelle.

‘Coming to yoga makes me feel better.  It makes my movement better’ – Sandra.

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