Always time for yoga

Exciting times here at Yoga On Up. We had a really lovely Yoga and Meditation Morning at Nettleton Village Hall on Sunday, and I was asked to deliver another one. The next one will be at the same venue, on Sunday 31st October – the day the clocks change. I’ve had requests for more malas, and for details of some of the meditations we used. The venue was fantastic – lots of natural light, a wood floor, and a spacious car park.

Requests for private lessons have increased, as people become more aware of the benefits of yoga, and the general class timetable for September has just been released. So busy, in fact, that it will be nice to catch my breath before the regular classes start up again with an online Relax and Restore Yoga session on 7th September. I’m almost as relaxed at the end of those sessions as the participants.