New Term’s Offer

I’m not sure where the last 6 weeks went, but we are on the short October break now. Weekly classes resume on 31st October. The next Yoga Retreat Morning will be on 4th December 2022, and will be the Yoga for Better Sleep session that was so successful in June.

Teaching an old dog new tricks

The BWY provided an opportunity this morning to listen to Lucy Edge, a marketing expert. This is something I really struggle with, and I know I’m not alone – none of us like to shout about what we do. I know the wonderful people who attend my classes get a lot out of them, and many comment on how much more flexible they feel after coming for a while, how much more relaxed they feel after a class. Following the session this morning, I’ve had a play and come up with a smarter version of the class schedule for June/July. We have a break in August, but if you would like to try a class with me before then, let me know.

Spring Update

I don’t know where the time has gone since I last wrote on here. We had a very successful Yoga and Meditation Morning at Nettleton Village Hall in April, the next one is booked for October, and the regular Hatha yoga classes continue as usual. It is such a joy to hear people say how much better they feel since coming to a yoga class. In addition, I have completed a training module with Yoga United on Yoga for Restful Sleep, and was so impressed with the results on my own sleep pattern and quality of sleep that I have decided to run two Yoga mornings dedicated to sharing what I have learned. Grimsby Institute have contacted me to go in and work with their students on breathing and relaxation techniques in the run up to the examinations later this month, and the MacMillan nurses have asked me to run a taster session of yoga and relaxation for some of their clients. The Women’s Institute have expressed an interest in what I do, and I have lots of bookings this year and next to go out to some beautiful village halls and deliver a short chair yoga session to the various groups. It is such a pleasure to be sharing the benefits of yoga across a wide audience. The regular chair yoga class folded when Covid hit, but I’ve had some requests recently and so we will be re-starting that class at Laceby Library next month.

Happy New Year

It feels like we’ve had a long break over Christmas, a chance to rest up and recharge. As we start the New Year, uncertainty is all around us. How long before more restrictions are brought in? These things are outside our control. Instead, dust off the last crumbs of mince pies, search out those leggings and unroll your mat. Online yoga starts tonight, face to face classes start on Wednesday. We are looking at the Chakras this term, the subtle energy centres that shine within. I rather like this quote from Anodea Judith’s ‘Chakra Yoga’: ‘The goal of the chakra system is not some otherwordly or disembodied enlightenment but rather wholeness and integration, spanning the full spectrum of human possibility’. It doesn’t matter if this is your first yoga class, or one of hundreds – enjoy the journey.🙏🧘‍♀️

Busy busy

It has been a busy few weeks. Weekly classes resumed, and I went on a yoga retreat weekend at Cober Hill near Scarborough. It was lovely to take the time to reconnect with my own practice and breathe in the sea air. Sometimes we can get lost in the things we have to do, the tasks we have agreed to undertake, and lose sight of what is important: spending times with loved ones, offering ourselves a little self-care, really noticing the things around us.

Tuesday sees the next Yoga and Meditation online session, 7pm. Hatha yoga continues both online and face to face at Laceby Library. Postures this term are designed to stretch and warm the body. Beginners are welcome at any of my classes. Contact for more details.

Schedule for week commencing 15th November:

Monday – hatha yoga at Laceby Library 10.30am and online at 7pm

Tuesday – meditation class online 7pm (this is a monthly class)

Wednesday- hatha yoga at Laceby Library 10.30am and online at 7pm

Friday – hatha yoga at Laceby Library 7pm

Yoga and Meditation

Although private classes have continued, it has been good to have a short break from teaching so many groups, if only to focus on my own practice for a while and take stock of what is really important. Too often, I think, we get lost in the daily routines without really noticing what is going on around us. The leaf colours are changing daily, as the beauty of autumn sweeps through the gardens and countryside. Now is a time of nurturing, keeping warm, relflecting on the things we might like to change. It seemed the perfect time to offer a short Yoga and Meditation Course online, which will cover some simple meditation techniques that could easily be included in a short, regular practice.

Yoga classes gradually return after the half term break. The online Yoga and Mediation Course begins on Tuesday 26th October at 7pm. Sunday 31st October sees the Yoga and Meditation Morning at Nettleton Village Hall. Hatha yoga classes re-start on 1st November and run Monday/Wednesday mornings and Friday evening at Laceby Library. Online Hatha classes return too on 1st November. It will be lovely to see people on their mats.


Season of soft fruits – I’ve been enjoying baking with the plums straight off the tree. The nerines are starting to flower – they look like autumn sparklers. The sunshine over the last few weeks has been glorious, keeping the hall nicely warm for the face to face yoga classes. I particulary enjoy being able to use my candles during the guided relaxation in the evening class, as the nights begin to draw in.

As covid cases rise again, I’m so glad I decided to keep the classes really small, with good social distancing and all the covid precautions we have become so used to, so that everyone feels safe and secure. It makes such a difference to how people relax at the end of a class.

Classes continue online and in person, and I am constantly reminded how luck I am to be able to share the benefits of yoga with others.

Classes resume after the summer break

It has been lovely to take a break from regular classes over the summer and do some different things. My private lessons have increased, and it is a real privilege to work with individuals in their own homes or in a hall, working on the things that they need. I was also thrilled that the first Yoga and Meditation Morning at Nettleton went so well. I was asked to run another one, so booked a date in October, and that too has sold out. There was a mixture of people at the last one, some with yoga experience and some who were completely new to it, and the same is true of the next one. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of regular yoga, and that is a joy to see.

The autumn schedule resumes with a Relax and Restore online class. I love delivering these sessions, as everyone seems so relaxed by the end of the class. I’m offering an additional face-to-face class this term, and all three of the classes at the Library Hall are full. Again, some people with experience, some trying yoga for the first time. We seem to be emerging from our homes and braving a post-pandemic new reality. However, some people are wary of being in a group again, and so I continue to run weekly online yoga classes even though the numbers now are much reduced. Interesting times.

Always time for yoga

Exciting times here at Yoga On Up. We had a really lovely Yoga and Meditation Morning at Nettleton Village Hall on Sunday, and I was asked to deliver another one. The next one will be at the same venue, on Sunday 31st October – the day the clocks change. I’ve had requests for more malas, and for details of some of the meditations we used. The venue was fantastic – lots of natural light, a wood floor, and a spacious car park.

Requests for private lessons have increased, as people become more aware of the benefits of yoga, and the general class timetable for September has just been released. So busy, in fact, that it will be nice to catch my breath before the regular classes start up again with an online Relax and Restore Yoga session on 7th September. I’m almost as relaxed at the end of those sessions as the participants.