Face to face classes resume

Face to face yoga classes at Laceby Library resume next month, and online classes will continue too – so exciting!

From 7th June, the weekly schedule of classes will be:

Monday 7pm online class

Wednesday 10.30am Laceby Library

Wednesday 7pm online class

Friday 7pm Laceby Library

Classes at Laceby Library are restricted numbers. The Friday class is already full, and there is a waiting list. There is one place left on the Wednesday class. Contact for details.

Second Chakra

In this second week of the block we focus on Svadisthana, the chakra that is about enjoying the sensation of being alive. The guided relaxation focuses on the colour orange, and the beauty of the simple marigold. On a grey day like today, this colour seems even more vibrant.

Base Chakra

This term the focus is on the Chakras, and this week we are looking at Muladhara, the base chakra, related to the colour red. Here is Boris sitting in front of some glorious red poppies, basking in the sunshine this morning. The postures and guided relaxation this week are all about balancing Muladhara to feel stable and secure.

Lesson planning

What a beautiful afternoon to sit outside with a cup of tea after deadheading the daffodils. The lilac trees are just coming into bud, and the forysthia is glorious. Sitting in the sunshine to plan the online yoga classes, I looked up and noticed three of the Chakra colours right there: yellow for Manipura, green for Anahata and blue for Visuddha. Looking forward to exploring some associated postures next week.

Focus on the Chakras

Feeling ready to work off some of that Easter chocolate? I know I am. The next block of online yoga classes starts on Monday 19th April. We will be focusing on the Chakras. £30 for 6 classes. Sessions run Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week, starting at 7pm. Contact for more details.

Yoga this week

The sun is shining, what a beautiful day. Just sitting planning tomorrow’s online yoga class. We will be back in a hall in June (fingers crossed), but for now we are online. Regular classes resume next week, but if you are in the mood for a free class tomorrow (Tuesday 13th April), why not join us.

Free Yoga Taster class

Hopefully, we can be back in the Library hall for some yoga classes from June. Until then, we’re online. The next block of classes begins on Monday 19th April. If you are interested in trying yoga, or simply picking up an extra class during the Easter break, why not join us on Tuesday 13th April for a free session. For those who have already filled out a health questionnaire, let me know you are interested and I’ll send you the link to the class.

Free taster class

I was touched to recieve texts from two of the students this week as we come to the end of the current block’ This year has been a steep learning curve in terms of adapting to online yoga, and I am so touched by the support from all of those who attend. We have a short break for Easter, and the next block starts on 19th April. If you are interested in joining in, why not come to the free taster class on Tuesday 13th April at 7pm – open to beginners, those with experience, returners, anyone who is interested. Contact for details.

New events over the Easter break

Online gentle yoga sessions continue three evenings each week, but I’m excited to announce some new dates for the Easter break. I am hopeful that some face to face group classes might resume from the first week in June, government restrictions allowing. For now, we continue with zoom in the comfort of our own homes….#yoga #yogaonup #gentleyoga #hathayoga #yogaforrelaxationandstressrelief #mindfulmovement #yogaforflexibilityandstrength #guidedrelaxation #onlineyoga