With the move to face-to-face classes, my own practice took a back seat for a week or two. I have realised how much I missed it. This week, I made a real effort to make time for a daily sadhana. I aim to do 5 in the week. Sometimes it will take 45 minutes, sometimes nearer 20. I like to light a candle and burn an incense stick, to create the right atmosphere. I work through some simple limbering asana, which helps to settle me into the practice. A metronome is useful for nadi shodhana, I find, before I move into a seated meditation. Following the session, I often feel refreshed, more mentally alert, and I notice that I am more creative too. It seems to me that it is all to easy to be ‘busy’ and to neglect making time for yourself, yet a simple daily sadhana makes a great deal of difference. I hope to be able to share some of my practice with people on the Mediation Morning in August, and in the Relax and Restore session in July.