We continue our focus on the Yamas, and this week we have been considering Asteya (non-stealing). As a counterpoint to taking things/ideas/attention, we have been encouraging feelings of gratitude for what we have, feelings of abundance in contrast to any perceived ‘lack’. This has resonated with me, as I can be a ‘glass half empty’ sort of person if I don’t pay attention. I have grouped my houseplants into abundant groups, rather than dotting them about the house. I have packed hanging baskets with an abundant display of begonia flowers. In particular, I am grateful for all those people who turn up for my online and face-to-face yoga sessions. Some have been with me for a long time now, and some are new to yoga, emerging from the lockdowns looking for something a little different. When I look back in my diary, I see how far I have come with my yoga teaching, and I am humbled by the support. When considered this way, even my yoga teaching is showing signs of abundance – I teach 5 classes a week, have a Meditation Morning planned for August, and will deliver another Relax and Restore Session online in July. As my teaching has increased, I have become increasingly aware of the difference my own practice makes to my mental well-being, and am grateful that I have space at home to enjoy this quiet time for myself.