It has been a busy few days, getting ready for the new block of teaching and for going back to face-to-face lessons. Many of those who joined me online have chosed to stay with that format, and many of those who stopped doing yoga when classes closed last year due to the pandemic have chosed to rejoin the face-to-face classes. It seems particularly appropriate, then, that the theme for the term is the five Yamas, and that the focus this week is Ahimsa. The idea of thoughtful consideration of not just others, but also of yourself, seems more relevant than ever as we all strive to find a new ‘normal’.

Added to this is the launch of the Yoga and Mediation Morning in August. I trained for 3 months last year, and have developed my own practice for a further 6 months, so feel able to offer this session. It promises to be a lovely morning of gentle asana, pranayam and guided meditation.