Ups and Downs

It was a joy to be back in a hall for face-to-face yoga last week, but I had forgotten the minor irritations after a year away. Teaching on zoom has its own difficulties, but you are doing it from the comfort of your own home, in your own space that has been set up to your preferences. The local hall is something else. On the plus side, the space is quite large. I’m keeping my classes small so that everyone gets their 2m of space around a mat. However, to make that work the layout is a little peculiar and takes some getting used to – who would have thought that my teaching kit now has to include a tape measure and laminated ‘place your mat here’ cards. On these bright, sunny days the temperature inside the hall is pretty good, but there is always someone whose mat is spotlighted by the strong sunshine, and the blinds are not easy to operate. Good ventilation is ensured because I bring my husband to act as doorman, so that the entrance doorway can remain open throughout the class and passing strangers are discouraged from entering. After sorting all of that out, the business of actually teaching the class is a joy, and the response from those attending makes it all worth while.